Blanco is a little donkey with fur as white as snow and silver-gray eyes. The animals on the farm have never seen a white donkey and think he is strange indeed! They bully him saying he might be from another planet, or if they get too close, perhaps they will become white as snow. When Blanco tries to walk, he discovers that his legs are weak. “How will he carry burdens for the farmer?” asks the proud rooster. “Perhaps he’ll carry feathers on his back!” All the animals laugh. Blanco feels sad and lonely. His mother, Belén, often whispers in his ear, “Blanco, my son, someday you will do something very important.” On a dark Christmas night his mother’s words come, true! Blanco gets the surprise of his life. He meets Santa Claus for the first time and finds out that he really does have something very important to do. That dark night the farm animals hear Blanco’s joyful brays, “Hee, haw! Hee, haw!”

Nationally acclaimed author, Stella Pope Duarte, brings to life an unforgettable story for children and adults of all ages who crave a story of impossible dreams. A life-long educator, Duarte has worked with students and educators from Head Start to university and graduate programs. As an Artist in Residence for Arizona, she worked in multiple classrooms, inspiring young writers with her stories and uniquely crafted activities. Her first tales were told to her four children, and then to her grandchildren, as she shared moments of great joy, wonder and magical possibilities.

A photo of a little white donkey standing next to his gray mother, touched Stella’s heart, and inspired her to create her first bilingual children’s book: Blanco The Little Donkey That Saved Christmas, El burrito que salvo La Navidad.

WELCOME to the world of Blanco, the little white donkey with a hero’s heart!

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