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Hello to all Kid Star Writers! Here are a few tips on how to get started in writing.

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Start with SQUARE ONE


Draw or cut out a paper square. In the center write your name, then write something about yourself that nobody would know about you by looking at you. This could be something like: “I play the violin,” or “I eat mustard sandwiches,” or “My dog’s name is Pumpkin.”

It is fun to see what you write down and to discover new things about your friends. There are stories inside you, waiting to be told.

                                                        Stella Pope Duarte


My dog Chorizo is a mighty dog!
He looks like a sausage
and is shaped like a log.

His big ears flap as his tail wags,
and in the middle of his body
his panza (belly) sags.

His eyes are like saucers big and bright,
and he can see for miles with his
phenomenal sight.

My dog Chorizo is a mighty pet!
He can roll, jump and fetch quick
as a jet.

His fur flies and his tongue hangs out,
and when he chases burglars he
really makes them shout.

My dog Chorizo is the best dog of all!
I can take him for a walk, hold his leash proud and tall,
and say my dog Chorizo is the
best dog of all!

What kind of person are you?

I am the kind of person who loves the ocean. The ocean’s waves are beautiful, foamy and white. Sometimes they’re blue or green, and other times they’re silver. They look like sheets of fine silk shining in the sun. If I could live in a hut by the ocean I would be happy. I’d walk out everyday on the beach leaving my footprints everywhere and picking up shells that look like horns and funny looking rocks that look like they have smiling faces on them.

On a banana boat at Rocky Point.

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Happiness is like the first present you open on Christmas Day.

Love is like holding hands in a storm.

Joy is like a roller coaster ride.

War is like the worst tasting medicine ever.

Peace is when your brother sleeps over at his friend’s.

Hope is like frosting on a cake.




Get a handle on where you are from. Use this prompt to begin:
I am from…..

I am from the desert
dusty, dry, violet skies
red sunsets,
I am from a family that
loves, then gets mad, then
loves again.
I am from a Mom who prays
every night and blesses me
and tells me angels will
watch over me.

Have you heard what el Cochito is up to?


Stella’s favorite cookie: a Gingerbread Pig
What is your favorite cookie?