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About Sandra

Brief biography

Sandra Cisneros is the author of several books including The House on Mango Street, Caramelo,Loose Woman, Have You Seen Marie?, and most recently, A House of My Own.

She is the founder of two organizations that serve writers, the Macondo Foundation (now administered by the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center) and the Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Foundation.

Sandra is also the founder of the Latino MacArthur Fellows (Los MacArturos).

She has been honored with numerous awards including the MacArthur Fellowship, two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, and a Texas Medal of the Arts.

Sandra has been writing for more than 45 years, publishing for more than 40, and earning her living by her pen for more than 20 years. Her books have been translated into more than twenty languages and published internationally.